Still reading books, Part 3. Here are more business books I recommend


I think that good books are important since they can provide a wider view on selected topic and thus enable to understand certain phenomenon’s part in e.g. larger trend. A well-written book also can provide new ideas when you see the connection that this topic has to big picture. And if you are clever enough, you can also get some root-level ideas for new business or approach. So here is the next batch of the books I find inspiring:

Design matters

(Robert Brunner & Stewart Emery)

A very good book about companies that use design as part of their business and idea creation. This book is easy to read and full of good stories and concrete examples. It covers all the usual big names but also some other, not so familiar stories of how design can improve the competitiveness.

Present shock

(Douglas Rushkoff)

This is one of my latest findings and at once one of my all time favourites. This book shows how our current 24/7 society and understanding of the concept of time affects to us. This is not fast reading, since each chapter gives your brains a lot to chew on. Thought provoking, well reasoned and convincing.


Big Data

(Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier)

Understanding big data is one of the key business trends. This book gives a good big picture of this trend and provides also good examples of how the big data should be utilized. This is a well-written and interesting book that everybody should read.

Although these books are easy to read, I recommend that you give time for these.

More book recommendations coming later. May the force of books be with you to help you read and learn.

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