Wonderful customer experience

Customer experience is not a single event, when customer jumps for joy and exclaims: ”This was a wonderful experience!” Instead customer experience is built from all the moments when customer meets the brand or brand envoy during the shopping or service process. Hence the key issues in outstanding customer experience are well-planned, well-practiced, smooth and customer-friendly processes. These processes often contain both digital and physical contacts and their combinations. It is fashionable to utilize service design for creating the perfect customer path, but many companies often do not invest enough on the personnel training and motivation. The personnel are the key in providing the best possible customer experience. I saw the light in this issue, when we were moving about week ago to a new address. We used maybe the best Finnish moving company Niemi, which we have used also earlier. It was fascinating to follow and notice how well-planned the whole process was and how nicely the moving team executed it. Just to give an example, here are few nice elements, which I noticed:

The people

  • The people had fitting, clean uniforms and well-maintained outlook
  • They were polite, used civilized language
  • They acted speedily, no smoking breaks
  • They were
  • They knew their business and solved all challenges, which seemed to be impossible to solve

The vehicle and equipment

  • The truck was polished outside and very clean inside too
  • The packing material they provided was outstanding, e.g. the red plastic boxes they use
  • They had tools for every need and could used those

The moving process

  • They explained to us what is going to happen and made us feel that our goods were in safe hands
  • They kept the timetable promised
  • They worked hard and fast, but we did not sense any feel of pressure amongst them

The purchasing process

  • Prior actual removal, the sales person visited us and we agreed all the steps
  • The price was clearly explained and it was what has been promised

Additionally, I also admired how they enhance the brand. Their brand colours are red and grey, and they were visible in every item. Maybe the most important thing to crown the excellent customer experience was the people. You know when you move and other people handle your personal stuff, it is a little bit sensitive issue. These guys (well 3 guys and a young lady) handled our goods with care. As a service professional I admired the professionalism in the process, the clear commitment for good service and smooth, well-trained processes.

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