Why I like working with professionals

Being a professional is a very good recommendation to get from your customers. During the years I have been working with hundreds of different business people, some are professionals some are not. I have always liked very much working with true professionals, although I have not always liked the people personally.

Clearly, professionals have to be team players; they understand that the effort demands everybody’s input. Therefore they also respect other member’s of the team and are willing to share – ideas and time.

So how do you earn a professional status? Yes, it has to be earned, you cannot buy it, there is no specified exam for a professional status – you just have to earn it. From my experience the following attributes and attitudes are attached to true professionalism:

  • They know their business, both in theory and in practise
  • They have gained experience, successes and failures
  • They are determined to get things done
  • They can communicate clearly, both in speech and in writing
  • They understand how their job is linked to the big picture
  • They are business oriented
  • They value time – their own and others
  • They think first the job and then themselves
  • They have good self-esteem but they know they can always learn more
  • They are open to new ideas
  • They have good sense of humour
  • And they always have a professional attitude

This is a long list and not all of the professionals I have worked with do have all these attributes. But they have most of these and that is the reason why I like to work with the professionals. The professionals never mix their personal feelings to the job they are working with. As they say in the movie Godfather: “This business, nothing personal”.

If possible, I always try to find professionals to work with. I do not have to like the people personally – although that can be an added bonus – but I know the work will be done, professionally.

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