Still reading books? Here are some more business books I recommend (part 2)


We are moving towards visual communication, where visual images, more than words, try to deliver the message we are sending. However, I believe that well written and well thought of message will have its place in the future too. Throughout the history people have loved good stories. So here are 2 company stories and an outstanding story of how to make change.



(Brad Stone)

A splendid book of Amazon and Jeff Bezos. This book tells the story of Amazon and surveys also the backstage. The book is also a good intro to eCommerce and its logics. As a regular customer for Amazon bookstore I have to say they have also been successful in execution. However, this book is not just praise, the problems and dark side of Amazon are also handled.


(Tony Hsieh)

This is a story of different web-store, Zappo’s the shoe store. Story is told by the creator and previous owner. This story shows a totally different angle for developing business than Amazon. You made decide yourself, which one is better. Easy and fast to read and nicely written book.

How to make change?

SWITCH – how to make change when change is hard

(Chip and Dan Heath)

This is one of my all time favourite book. It tells, using examples from real life, how people facing challenging situations, have been able to make change. Often with very limited resources and in difficult environment. When I first time read this book, it opened my eyes in how to look the challenges we have in life or business. Although this is oldish (written in 2010), it lasts time well and I go back to it every now and then.

These books are full of good stories. You can find also good examples of how to do business and how NOT to do business. Enjoy reading.

More book recommendations coming later. May the force of books be with you to help you read and learn.

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